Capa Valve approached The University of Hertfordshire’s Engineering & Technology department in late 2012, academics from both the Engineering department and the Pharmaceutic department were equally impressed and excited about the technology and so partnered Capa Valve in looking at several funding routes.

Capa Valve successfully won funding in the University’s ‘Proof of Concept’ programme which has been used to further develop Capa Valve to its full potential.

The nature of the technology and its potentially diverse range of applications has stimulated a cross-discipline collaboration between Engineering & Technology and Pharmacy within the university in order to develop the technology through working prototypes, computational modelling and extensive testing.

Key benefits to the Medical and Animal Health Community

1: Patient Wellbeing

Minimising discomfort & risk to the individuals being injected.

2: Environment

More environmentally friendly as there is less medical waste produced in the process.

3: Storage

Reduced storage costs as less space is required to house the equipment

4: Logistics

Reduced transportation costs as there is less packaging and lighter, smaller shipments to be made.